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Today's international design-build firms and teams are from diverse cultures and share their knowledge within this community here as the Design-Build International Network – DBIN.


Welcome To The Design-Build Community!

A Distribution Platform for the DBIN for Learning, Inspiration, and Collaboration

We are a community of leaders with a determination to work together to make a difference in the design, build and construction industry.  The design-build process for commercial, residential and special projects is the best way to efficiently build any project so that the final result matches your project vision. You get exactly what you want without many of the challenges that often can accompany building. Learn more about design-build and construction by these professionals,  see a residential process example here for successful home design, build, remodel, addition, historic renovation, or any construction project. 


A Voice for Design-Build in the

Distribution Platform for the DBIN Community for Learning, Inspiration, and Collaboration

Design-Build – This approach is cost effective and sustainable... See it and hear it from the experienced professionals who have a history of successes in the design, build and construction industry. The proof is in the completed projects that are vital to the needed exponential growth of the global construction community by maximizing design-build efficiencies. The portfolios of projects featured by collaborative DBIN partners bring the design, build and construction initiatives to the world through the online design-build magazine virtual platform. We value your construction input as professionals, students, and consumers.

DBIN Collaboration


“Design-Build A Greater Tomorrow, Today!”


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