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CELEBRATING 20 YEARS! Design-Build For A Greater Tomorrow,



Welcome To The

Design Build International Network

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS, as a community where collaboration allows for greater participation to the empowerment of the design-build and construction industry with those who seek to help move it forward with– Timing + Energy = Momentum


team mission

Design Build Magazine the exclusive international media platform for the Design-Build international Network–DBIN is a community with a MISSION for localized and global solutions to challenges in design-build and construction. This collaboration of committed like mind members are panelists, leading industry experts, educators, and contributors are influencers with a pay it forward determination for advancing design-build and construction industry initiatives.


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Design Build Magazine & DBIN

Distribution and content curation of the DBIN community is Design Build Magazine. We Feature innovative, high tech, and solutions-based extraordinary projects by design, build, and construction industry Influencers including; owners, developers, concept firms, architects, engineers, builders, construction managers, designers, craftsmen, artisans, and more who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. These professionals are our evidence demonstrating that collaboration has a real and positive impact on the design-build construction delivery industry.

The DBIN VISION of becoming the global authority in design-build through collaboration, education, and inspiration continues with growth as a global community. Striving to make a unified statement of design-build and construction innovation, technology with a cutting-edge distribution platform reinforces and strengthens the construction community for literacy, inspiring art forms, preservation, and sustainability with design-build construction.

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extraordinary vision

Design Build Magazine


DBIN featured projects bring you the best and latest ideas and inspirations of the design, build, and construction industry. Concepts to completed features range from iconic projects from around the world to simpler quality builds.  Our collaborative solutions-based approach about issues in the design, build, and construction marketplace proves effective.



conduct engagement

DBIN supports fellow design-build community members in a way that promotes and transforms the design-build industry forward. With shared ideas, successes, and determination, we purpose to make the industry stronger, diverse in culture and morally sound built on CONDUCT and ENGAGEMENT that fosters long term relationships with integrity for a harmonized design-build and construction global marketplace.

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Design Build International Network

DBIN is not all things to all people. There are several levels of involvement for those who share design, build and construction industry interests. The wealth of information presented by these proven leaders brings you the industries best in technology and innovation with this global broadcast of extraordinary project features.


"Finding Value, Working Collaboratively, Growing As A Global Design-Build Community" – DBIN


“Design-Build For A Greater Tomorrow, Today!”


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