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Foundations - Riggott
Plummer House Portico
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Large Modern House with Pool
Bright and Modern Kitchen
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Abstract Design Build
Singapore City-Scape
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Textures In Roofing
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Welcome to the Original Design Build Magazine and Distribution Platform for the Design Build international Network.


Discover international projects by "DBIN" design-build community for collaboration, education, inspiration, and preservation!


Design Build Magazine presents the Ideology, design-build is having one entity with all the players - the engineer, architect, builder, interior designer, and other key contractors - all under one roof working for the same design-build firm, or forming a strong partnership at the very least with a team leader.  In most cases, the builder or architect is the lead - coordinating all these players together at the very beginning of the design-build process so that they work together under a single contract with the project owner to provide the most efficient design and construction delivery services...



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