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Welcome to the Design Build Magazine community known as the DBIN Design Build International Network

Welcome to the #DBIN Global Community of the design-build and construction industry. #DesignBuildMagazine is the exclusive distribution platform for learning, inspiration, and collaboration for the "Design-Build International Network".


See #DBIN featured #DesignBuildProjects from around the world in #DesignBuildMagazine


We are a community of leaders with a determination to work together to make a difference in the design-build construction industry.  The design-build process for commercial, residential and other projects is the best way to efficiently build any project matching the final result with your project vision. With a cohesive design-build delivery team, and a great team leader you get exactly what you want without many of the challenges that can often accompany other building delivery methods . Learn more about design-build and construction by the professionals who are experienced in using these efficiencies with construction outcomes that are saving time, money, and raising the bar on quality of construction.  See case studies, and projects of the design-build process here of successful home design, build, remodel, addition, historic renovation, or other featured construction projects. Subscribe Now, and get access to amazing #FeaturedDesignBuildProjects

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