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Green building materials, home improvement ideas, artisan-crafted finishes, architectural masterpieces, highlights from remodeling, renovation and new construction endeavors... Take a look at our latest articles featuring residential, commercial and specialty design-build projects.

Welcome to Design Build Magazine — where inspiration for your residential, commercial and specialty design-build projects comes to life.

Design Build Magazine is your single source for innovative remodeling, renovation and new construction design-build project ideas. Inside, you'll discover creative concepts and masterful work by the industry's finest architects, builders, interior designers, artisans and landscape design professionals in the Regions we publish around the country. Read More

||  walk thru a design build team remodeling project  ||
From Concept to Completion

Preserving the historic integrity of a residence during renovation... Ensuring a newly built commercial space fits in harmony with its surroundings... Using design-build methodology for a project reflects the perfect synthesis of architecture, interior design and construction — and generally produces flawless results. And while the design-build process may be time consuming, once your project is complete, you will find the finished product was worth the wait. Read More

||  geo-contemporary  ||
Sustainable Natural Beauty With An Artistic View

Near the top of a plateau, a clearing opens up to reveal panoramic views of the country-side. The contemporary house, encircled by 40 acres of rural woods amid rolling hills, nestles here to take full advantage of the natural beauty around it. A wind-turbine, geothermal heating, passive solar, solar hot water, natural ventilation and other sustainable practices lighten the burden on the landscape. At the same time, through careful planning and consideration, these sustainable elements remain unobtrusive to the casual viewer. River Architects, Inc. of La Crosse designed the house to be sensitive to its site and to incorporate sustainable principles. Construction of the house was under the supervision of Wieser Brothers General Contractor, Inc. Read More

||  the heart of the shrine  ||
The Shrine Church: Sacred Place, Traditional Space

Nestled against the wooded bluffs, away from the rush and sounds of the modern world sits a small, but exquisite church. Coming upon this clearing, you might think you've stepped back in time and to a far-away land.

In reality, the 21,000-square-foot church, designed by River Architects, Inc., with Liturgical Design Consultant Duncan Stroik, sits on the Wisconsin bluffs at the Mississippi River, south of La Crosse. Part of a complex of buildings devoted to the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to St Juan Diego in 1531, the church is the crown jewel in the 90-acre development. The buildings and spaces of the complex are linked by a paved processional pathway that winds for a third of a mile through the natural beauty of the wooded coulee. Read More

||  ceiling the deal  ||
Acoustical Materials Enhance The Dining Experience

The Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern is located on the picturesque Mississippi River in historic downtown La Crosse. To complement the newly built facilities spectacular scenic setting, it's designers paid great attention to detail throughout the project and incorporated beautiful, historically accurate architectural finishes. Read More

||  just the facts  ||
Geothermal 101

Geothermal heating and cooling is the process of capturing the solar energy stored just below the surface of the earth. This stored solar energy is removed from the earth to heat your home during the winter months and similarly heat is removed from the home and deposited back to the earth during the cooling season. This is accomplished through the use of a geothermal unit located in the mechanical room and a high density polyethylene pipe buried in the earth. The earth is now being used as a heat exchanger to keep your home or building at its optimum comfort level all year round. Read More

||  the magic of  ||
Oriental Rugs

From the walls of ancient tents and palaces to the floors of today's homes, hand-knotted rugs have been in existence for over 2,500 years. The traditional art of rug-making is evidence of cultural progress throughout history. Read More

||  phased construction  ||
Makes Residential Outdoor Living Space a Success

Overwhelmed by the expense and time involved with a large-scale residential or commercial landscaping job? Break up the project into phases and spread out construction costs over two or three years to make it more manageable and keep it within your means. Read More

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